A Banach space in which all compact sets, but not all by Vesely L.

By Vesely L.

Given a Banach spaceX, letc 0(X) be the gap of all null sequences inX (equipped with the supremum norm). We exhibit that: 1) every one compact set inc 0(X) admits a (Chebyshev) heart iff each one compact set inX admits a middle; 2) forX fulfilling a definite situation (Q), every one bounded set inc 0(X) admits a middle iffX is quasi uniformly rotund. We build a Banach spaceX such that the compact subsets ofX admit centers,X satisfies the (Q) andX isn't really quasi uniformly rotund. It follows that the Banach spaceE=c 0(X) has the valuables from the name.

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