A Practical English Grammar by A. J. Thomson

By A. J. Thomson

The workouts can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They comprise a solution key.

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Reading and Writing Targets: Student's Book Level 1

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Englischverständnis für fortgeschrittene Anfänger – Buch 1

Dies ist das erste Buch in der Bestseller-Reihe “Englischverständnis für fortgeschrittene Anfänger”. Jedes Buch beinhaltet 15 interessante Artikel zu einer Vielzahl an Themen, wie z. B. Geschichte, faith, die Welt der Natur, Wissenschaft, Reisen, Essen und viele mehr.

Es ist perfekt für Englisch-Lerner, die ihr Leseverständnis verbessern wollen und es hilft Ihnen, für Prüfungen zu üben.

Das book beinhaltet:
● 15 faszinierende Kurzartikel.
● Glossare, welche Schlüsselwörter enthalten, die erklärt und ins Deutsche übersetzt sind.
● Fragen zu jedem textual content (mit anklickbaren hyperlinks zu den Antworten).
● Video-Links zu jedem Artikel (wenn Ihr Gerät dies unterstützt).

Dieses Buch hat Artikel zu den folgenden Themen. Der Komodowaran, Vampire, Die Zivilisation der Maya, Klonen, Britische Küche, Kosmetische Chirurgie, Stockholm, Papua-Neuguinea, Kleopatra und mehr. .

Wenn Sie additionally Ihr Leseverständnis verbessern UND die Texte, die Sie lesen, genießen wollen, dann weighted down Sie dieses Buch jetzt herunter!

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Would you kindly wait? Note that we could also express such ideas by: It was foolish of me to forget. It was kind of him to wait. Would you be kind enough to wait? ) The adverb can come after the verb or after verb + object, but the meaning then changes: He spoke kindly = His voice and words were kind Is not the same as It was kind of him to speak to us. He paid us generously = He Raid more than the usual rate is not the same as It was generous of him to pay us. Note the difference between: He answered the questions foolishly (His answers were foolish) and He foolishly answered the questions.

B when? ': When do you get up? m. C where? ': Where do you live? ~ In London. D how? ': How did you come? ~ I came by plane. How do you start the engine? ~ You press this button. how can also be used: 1 With adjectives (see 25 C): How strong are you? How important is this letter? ) With much and many: How much (money) do you want? How many (pictures) did you buy? 3 With adverbs; How fast does he drive? How badly was he hurt? How often do you go abroad? How soon can you come? Note that How is she?

See also 30 B. For barely, scarcely, see 44. ) B C 30 Adverbs and adjectives with the same form A back deep* direct* early enough far fast *See B below. hard* high* ill just* kindly late* left A Practical English Grammar little long low much/more/most* near* pretty* right* short* still straight well wrong* 32 Used as adjectives: Used as adverbs: Come back soon. the back door You can dial Rome direct. the most direct route. The train went fast. a fast train They worked hard. (energetically) The work is hard an ill-made road You look ill/well Turn right here.

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