A Textbook of Opthalmology by E. Ahmed

By E. Ahmed

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1 T he m icroscopic appearance o f the cornea: 1, epithelium ; 2, B ow m an’s m em brane; 3, strom a; 4, D escem et’s m em brane; and 5, endothelium . The Epithelium The epithelium is the forward extension o f the conjunctival epithelium. It is 50 millimicron thin and consists of three types of cells disposed in 5-6 layers. The basal cells. This is a single layer of cells, the germinal cell layer, standing in a palisade-like manner on the basement membrane. The cells are columnar with rounded heads and flat bases and have an oval nucleus near the head.

9 give a brief account of this nuclear complex. 4 Subdivisions of the Oculomotor Nuclear Complex Fig. 7 Schematic view of a horizontal section through the right orbit to illustrate the fascia of the orbit. The fascia bulbi or Tenon’s capsule, is shown by A, its anterior part, and P, its posterior part. ” The drawing also illustrates certain points in the anatomy of the eyelids. MT, the medial palpebral ligament with its two limbs passing in front of and behind the fossa for the lacrimal sac; LR, the lateral palpebral ligament; and the lateral palpebral raphe (Whitnall: Anatomy of the Human Orbit.

II: The Anatomy o f the Visual System, DukeElder, S. and Wyber, K. ), Kimpton, London, 1961. 5. ANATOMY OF THE CORNEA13 The shiny and transparent cornea, having slightly greater curvature than the rest o f the globe, constitutes the anterior one-sixth of the outer coat of the eyeball. 6 mm. e. 1 mm. Anteriorly it looks elliptical, while it is circular posteriorly. 6 mm respectively. e. the line of junction between two edges]. Structure of the Cornea (Fig. 1) The cornea proper shows five layers disposed anteroposteriorly behind the precorneal tear film.

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