Addiction. The Brain Disease by Hannah Carlson M.Ed.LPC

By Hannah Carlson M.Ed.LPC

Young grownup advisor to the actual, emotional, social, mental sickness of dependancy. what's habit? dependancy to ingredients, behaviors, to the self. Self-tests: own tales. remedy and restoration. Dictionary of addictions and meanings.

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The ‘go’ system runs wild, and once the first drug or drink is taken, an addict loses control over stopping. A most important symptom of addiction is easy for an addict and others to observe. This is the loss of control. After the first drug or drink, the ‘go’ systems of the addict/alcoholic’s brain’s pleasure circuits override the ‘stop now’ systems of the judgment circuits. The ‘go’ system runs wild, and once the first drug or drink is taken, an addict loses control over stopping. The terrible danger is that using drugs and alcohol repeatedly over time alters an addict’s brain chemistry and function.

School Library Journal “Carlson examines the new science of evolutionary psychology, explaining the psychology of early man as it relates to human action today. ” — Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) ADDICTION THE BRAIN DISEASE BOOKS BY DALE CARLSON Teen Fiction: Baby Needs Shoes Call Me Amanda Charlie the Hero The Human Apes The Mountain of Truth Triple Boy Teen Nonfiction: Are You Human or What? Cosmic Calendar: From the Big Bang to Your Consciousness Girls Are Equal Too: The Teenage Girl’s How-to-Survive Book In and Out of Your Mind: Teen Science, Human Bites Stop the Pain: Teen Meditations TALK: Teen Art of Communication The Teen Brain Book: Who and What Are You?

The two drugs that are always around, in school and out, are weed, laced or unlaced with other drugs, and alcohol. Marijuana and beer are the regular ones we use. We smoke and drink at the same time. I don’t think any of my friends have messed with heroin yet, but you never know. Alyssa, 16 Last year we pretty much stuck to just beer and marijuana, but this year at parties I’ve mixed in Ecstasy, my mother’s Percocet, and cocaine. We try different combinations for different highs, vodka and LSD, or we add mushrooms to beer and weed.

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