Additional Letters (Collected Works of John Stuart Mill - by John Stuart Mill

By John Stuart Mill

This quantity comprises approximately 375 letters from J.S. Mill. integrated during this checklist are Mill's letters to Henry Cole and Theodor Gomperz.

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Eyton Tooke has finished his review of Lord John Russell4--1 suppose he will send it to you immediately, if he has not sent it already-Please to send my proofs to Ellis at the Indemnity Office--He comes to Croydon every day-I should like to suspend a review of Brown's works and particularly of his Lectures upon this Life of his which has just appeared, by the Rev. Mr Welch. _ You have not had any metaphysical articles yet--It will help to give that variety to the work which has been wanting hitherto--I have heard it suggested that you should have some philological articles--Perhaps James Gilchrist 6 (not Borthwick) would write one--I know of no one else who could do it.

Addressed: John Bowring Esq. Dated in another hand. John Bowring ( 1792-1872), Bentham's disciple, was editor of the Westminster Review, 1824-36. , V (July 1826), 39-62. , Bentham, Rationale ofJudicialEvidence, ed. S. Mill, 5 vols. (London: Hunt and Clarke, 1827), Vol. V, p. 344. 3. TO JOHN BOWRING 1 Croydon Monday evening [11 June, 1825] DEAR SIR I send you the article on the Game Laws, 2 which I hope is not too long--there is more scratching in it than there usually is in my articles and there will be a great deal of small print--If anything must be left out, I think it should be some of the extracts, however of this you will judge for yourself--I also send a little poem which was written by a niece of Mr Mushet of the Mint, 3 and given by him to me for yQu.

5 As I was conversing all the time he staid, with Wm W. in a separate part of the room, I heard very little of what passed between my father & the other Whitmore; but my father says that he fully understands the question of the corn laws, which was the only subject on which they conversed: that he understands not only the general principle, but its practical bearings: & he declares himself fully resolved, if the ministers do not anticipate him, to bring forward a motion & force a discussion every session until he succeeds in carrying the question.

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