Advances in Agronomy, Vol. 1 by A.G. Norman (ed.)

By A.G. Norman (ed.)

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The data show that the utilization of photosynthetic products in growth is curtailed more by drought than is photosynthesis. Although the results have as yet not been published, measurements by the same investigators have shown that reduced water supply, even though decreasing vegetative growth by half and reducing boll periods and boll sizes, was without appreciable effect on relative fruitfulness. I n an investigation of the organic acids of the cotton plant, Ergle and Eaton (1949) found relatively high concentrations in the leaves and lesser amounts elsewhere.

Drought, as reported by Barker (1946) and Sturkie (1947), has been observed repeatedly to decrease the length of cotton fibers and usually, COTTON 25 but not always, to increase their strength. Berkley et al. , reduced x-ray angles. According to investigations by Eaton et al. (1946) immaturity and drought have similar effects on the composition of cotton seed. Both drought and disease injury reduced substantially the percentage of oil in seed and weight per seed, but left unchanged the percentage of protein.

The modern power-driven stalk shredders have greatly simplified the problem of crop residue disposal, allowing the stalks to be cut to very small pieces, thereby increasing coverage during the plowing operation and hastening the incorporation of vegetation into the soil. Many of these same machines are used on cover crops to shred thoroughly the green growth so that it can be completely and easily incorporated into the soil. I n some instances the use of the stalk shredder on cover crops will allow the planting date to be advanced a week to 10 days.

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