American Evita: Hillary Clinton's Path to Power by Christopher Andersen

By Christopher Andersen

"I do not give up. I continue going."
Hillary Rodham Clinton

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Hillary remained sympathetic to the Panthers, even when their supporters were suspected of setting fire to Yale’s International Law Library. While she joined a bucket brigade of faculty and students to douse the flames, Hillary was thinking of ways to aide Seale and his cohorts. In their trademark black leather uniforms, storm-trooper boots, dark glasses, and black berets, the Panthers cultivated a swaggering, menacing image that, according to one former member, appealed to the “strong masochistic streak” in the New Left.

Hugh also played his role—that of the gruff, career-obsessed, tobacco-stained, crabgrass-battling dad—to perfection. But he went a step further. Although he indulged himself with a brand-new Cadillac every year, he was unsparing with his wife and children. Rodham paid Hillary and her two brothers (Tony arrived when she was eight) one penny for every weed they yanked out of the yard. Hillary woke up shivering every morning because her father turned off the heat at night. He swore “a blue streak,” as one neighbor put it, if things weren’t done just his way.

It was nearly dawn when Bill packed away the last paperweight and the last framed photograph. Hillary had been in bed for hours, but Harry Thomason, who along with his wife, Linda Bloodworth Thomason, had been with the Clintons for their last Thanksgiving and their last Christmas in the White House, stayed up to keep his friend company. In return, Clinton gave Harry his favorite putter. “Well, better get to bed,” Bill sighed to no one in particular. “Last night in the White House…” He thought about what he had said for a moment and smiled.

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