Amyloid Proteins: The Beta Sheet Conformation and Disease by Jean D. Sipe

By Jean D. Sipe

A first-stop reference on proteins linked to amyloidosis. This ebook is the 1st to give a scientific review of all recognized fibril-forming proteins, together with their biochemical features and pathophysiology. It considers the clinically famous amyloid proteins which are recognized to be linked to the amyloid protein folding issues, facing their universal structural and thermodynamic positive factors that bring about amyloid fibril formation and ailment. Emphasis is at the thermodynamics of protein folding, the constitution and physiologic results of universal oligomeric and subfibrillar intermediates and the impression of the extracellular matrix and mobile trafficking and metabolism at the genesis and catabolism of beta pleated sheet proteins. The chapters on particular amyloid proteins all persist with a standard constitution, permitting easy access to the specified biochemical and clinical information, making this a useful software for clinicians and researchers alike.

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